Chauvet Gigbar2

The Chauvet Gigbar2 is a popular lighting system fitted with 2 LED Derby fixtures, 2 LED wash lights, a laser, and 4 high-power, LED strobe lights all mounted on one bar​. Perfect to light any dance floor. Multiple units can be linked together to create a synchronised light show

$50 per day

Chauvet 4Bar Flex

The Chauvet 4Bar Flex is a powerful wash light fitted with 4 moveable LED pods on one bar. This light uses a pass through hole to attach to speaker stands, lighting stands or uses end mounted angle brackets to attach to truss. It is perfect for providing strong colour wash to stages.

$40 per day

Chauvet COLORband PiX

The Chauvet COLORband PiX is a powerful wash light with the additional eye candy of pixel mapping effects.

This light can up-light walls or provide strong wash to stages.

$20 per day

Chauvet Hurricane 700

Pair the Gigbar with the Chauvet Hurricane 700 fog machine to amplify the lighting effects. See the beams of light cut through the fog for that 'club' party feel.

​$20 per day

Includes a full tank of fog fluid

Chauvet Hurricane 1200

Add some extra fog output with the Chauvet Hurricane 1200 fog machine. Includes a timer remote for set-and-forget usage.

$30 per day
Includes a full tank of fog fluid

BeamZ TP36

The BeamZ TP36 is a small up-light fitted with 3 high-power RGB+UV LED's. This light is triangular in shape to fit perfectly within the truss arch. It can also be mounted to speaker stands and lighting stands. It is perfect for providing up-lighting to walls and ceilings or focused lighting accents on stage.

$5 per day